Welcome to the website of 42 Secondary School

We work according to the following motto:

"The art of teaching is only the art of arousing curiosity in young souls to satisfy it, curiosity is intense and healthy only in happy minds. Knowledge which is violently pushed into the mind suppresses it. To endure education you have to swallow it with relish"

In our school there are plenty of interesting activities undertaken by students with teachers also engaged. They contribute to the development of students' interests and creative thinking.

Various exhibitions, trips, song festivals, performances by the school theatre and charity concerts are organized. All these enterprises were started by teachers but soon students joined in and, finally, took over. The teachers, of course, still offer assistance and supervise the projects. Our exhibitions are visited by students from nearby schools. Our students' parents are guests at charity concerts and theatre shows are an interschool event. Once a year, in March, a Folk Day is organized, on which students present folk clothes, music and dances and serve regional cuisine.

PE teachers carry out a project called "Playing Sports with Children". Our students prepare interesting sports activities and games for children from 235 Kindergarten. Our basketball and volleyball teams participate in matches and tournaments for secondary school students.

Our students take part in plenty of other extra-curricular activities. Except for subject classes, there are also the Creative People's Club and the European Union Club. Our teachers also conduct after-school classes to help students prepare for their Matura exams.