History of our school and traditions

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History of our school

42 Secondary School was set up on 1 September 1992 on the directive of the Chief Education Officer of Lodz.
Our school focuses on teaching foreign languages and information technology. From the very beginning we had two well-equipped computer classrooms. In 1994 we managed to solve the biggest problem that had worried us - we had had to function without a gym. Due to good will of the Education Department we got 7 billion zlotys to continue building our gym. Its formal opening was held on 31 May 1995 at 12 o'clock when the President of Lodz Elbieta Hibner cut the ribbon. The first entrance exams to our school took place soon after that. They were taken by 128 students and four classes were formed then.

One of the most important moments in the school history was activating the radio studio which was conducted by Mr. M. Tylman. The radio broadcasting system allows a fast flow of important information and also gives the chance to hear occasional broadcasts and concerts. In the school year 1992/93 our librarians organized School Information Centre. Since 1996/97 thanks to them, volumes "Debuts" have come out in which our students? literary works have been published.

The first headmaster of our school was Mr. E. Troszyski who held that post till 30 November 1991. On 1 December 1991 the duties of the head teacher were taken over by Mrs. J. Szeszko. Having won the competition, she was appointed the head teacher of Schools of General Education Complex number 4. She has remained our head till now.

On the occasion of 575th anniversary of granting Lodz a city charter, Mrs. J. Rystok and Mrs. M. Brykowska organized an interschool competition called "Hilary Majewski - an architect from Lodz not known to everybody". The Education Department of Lodz Council honoured our school with prize money of 2000 zlotys for the project. The money was spent on teaching aids such as a video recorder, two driers for art projects and video cassettes. Thanks to cooperation with the University of Lodz an exhibition to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Aleksander Kamiski's death was held. It was called "Aleksander Kamiski's bonds with Lodz". The project was supervised by Mrs. G. Leniak. Furthermore, on the day before Poland joined the European Union teachers and students of our school organized the European Day called "The history of European integration - on the way to the united Europe. The Middle Ages". Its aim was to portray the unity of the countries of the Old Continent as regards the language, culture and religion.

Teachers of our school have always tried to popularize their work experience by conducting lessons for fellow teachers from other schools and university students. For all those years there have been a few original syllabuses introduced in our school. Among them:

  • Mrs. H. Cichowicz's original curriculum for teaching computer science
  • Mr. A. Krl's original curriculum for tourism-oriented class
  • Mrs. K. Uszpolewicz and Mr. M. Pieczonka's original curriculum for ecology-oriented class
  • Mrs. M. Brykowska's original curriculum for Europe-oriented class

In our educational work we attach great importance to student government. We encourage our students to do their own thinking and plan school events themselves. Our student government has always been active and showed initiative. Our students organize prize lotteries, fashion shows and occasional concerts, transferring some of the collected money to "The School Fund for Helping Children". Our student government organizes another important annual event which is the meeting of outstanding students called "Following the Ordinary and Extraordinary". It was first started in the school year 1997/98 by Mrs. E. Woniak. The purpose of this event is to show the school community their friends' achievements.

Our actions are aimed at creating conditions for students' development. We want our school to be not only the place where young people study but also the place for social and cultural activity. At the same time, we want to help students acquire knowledge that will be useful for them in their future education and adult life.


Although our school has existed since 1 September 1992, it has already established some traditions. For example:

  • annual integration trips for first year classes
  • the ceremony of taking an oath by first class students
  • environment and history exhibitions
  • Christmas Eve school parties
  • unforgettable prom balls
  • school trips not only to concert halls, the cinema or the theatre
  • school Open Days
  • participation in "Education Fair"
  • The European Union Club
  • The Graduates' Club
  • celebrations on St Andrew's and St Nicholas' Day
  • exhibitions of art projects
  • festival of tourist songs called "Tramp"
  • performances to mark the beginning and end of the school year